tinc|ture «TIHNGK chuhr», noun, verb, -tured, -tur|ing.
1. a solution of medicine in alcohol or in a mixture that is chiefly of alcohol: »

tincture of iodine.

2. Figurative. a trace; tinge; flavor: »

His stern face showed for a moment a slight tincture of amusement.

SYNONYM(S): whit, soupçon.
3. Figurative. a color; tint: »

Her usually pale cheeks showed a faint tincture of pink.

4. Heraldry. any one of the colors, furs, or metals used or represented in coats of arms.
5. Alchemy. a supposed spiritual principle or immaterial substance whose character or quality may be infused into material things, which are then said to be tinctured; quintessence, spirit, or soul of a thing.
6. Obsolete. a dye or pigment.
1. to give a trace or tinge to: »

Everything he says is tinctured with conceit.

2. to color; tint.
[< Latin tīnctūra < tingere; see etym. under tinge (Cf.tinge)]

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